Back from the Searing Gorge.

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Back from the Searing Gorge.

Post by Lennix_Doge! on Fri Jun 06, 2014 10:57 pm

*Some torn paper is pinned to the middle of the board. PINK handwriting*

Just putting this here, so you know what's happened. Thuros, Trevor, Eldiros and me. We all went to find the Dark Ranger, within the Searing Gorge. We faces spiders, Golems and met an angry Dwarf. Likes the heroes we are, we defeated all. But shit got real once we made it to Blackrock. The letter was right, the Ranger was there, but so was a Warlock named Jessica. The one we saved from Gnolls! Nearly defeating the evil wenches, the Lich appeared, killing the Warlock. We escaped unharmed, but so did the Ranger. SO THIS JOB AINT FINISHED UNTIL THE LICH AND THE RANGER ARE TAKEN CARE OF!

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