Your Character - As a MOBA champion!

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Your Character - As a MOBA champion!

Post by Yuan'Do on Wed Aug 13, 2014 4:52 pm

Skype encourages this post.  If your character was a Moba champions, what skills would they have?

Skill 1 is a passive effect that is ongoing.

Skills 2, 3 and 4 are standard, active abilities.  Also known as Q, W and E

Skill 5 is your ultimate ability!  Usually R

Bonus points for hidden passives. Don't forget to include titles!

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Re: Your Character - As a MOBA champion!

Post by Yuan'Do on Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:23 pm


Yuan'Do, The Brave

Passive - Courage
For every nearby friendly champion, Yuan'Do gains a movement speed increase.  
For every nearby hostile champion, Yuan'Do gains armor.

Skill 1 (Q) - To Victory!
Yuan'Do charges to target location, knocking enemy minions and champions in her path into the air. 
This ability is based on maximum health and armor.

Skill 2 (W) - Banish Your Fear.
Yuan'Do and the most wounded nearby allied Champion are healed and gain increases armor and magical resistance for the duration.
This ability is based on maximum health and magical resistance.

Skill 3 (E) - On Your Guard!
Yuan'Do taunts target Champion for several seconds.  If struck in melee, the target is stunned and rooted.

Skill 4 (R) - We Are One. (Ultimate)
Yuan'Do shouts, granting nearby allied champions her passive.  For the duration, the effects of her passive are doubled.

Hidden Passive - Health and mana potions are replaced with red berry and blue mint tea for this Champion.

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Re: Your Character - As a MOBA champion!

Post by Paozi on Mon Aug 18, 2014 12:46 pm

I'll play!

Keep in mind that my only familiarity with the genre is from playing Wc3 mods during Reign of Chaos and the Frozen Throne. I don't know anything about these modern MOBAs. My goal here is to express my character trough the mechanics of a game, not to make a fair and balanced Champion.


Paozi, Shado-pan Infiltrator
A member of the enigmatic order of warrior-monks that protect Pandaria from unseen evils, Paozi Wulong is a monk that studied strange and esoteric techniques that allow him to move across the battlefield silently and turn the tide of battle with a few precise blows. Paozi relies on technique and guile, rather than strength and power.


"In becoming no man, I become every man."

"Control your emotions."
"Empty your mind."
"I have many masks."
"The board has been set."
"Black has the first move."
"I will walk faceless among men*."

"I go."
"Interesting move."

"For Pandaria!"
"For the Emperor!"

"Think happy thoughts...But not too happy, lest the Sha of Happiness overwelms you."
"As an Infiltator, I can take on the appearance of anyone. Here, let me do you. (In an annoying voice) "HEY! HEY! LISTEN! HEY! HEY! LISTEN!" That's what you sound like.
"Hngh...Oh no...I can feel"
" longer..."

(Happy and energetic) "Oh, hi! It's sooooo good to see you! How are you? I'm doing great! So are you? Fabulous! Everything is great! I'm so happy!"
(Happy and energetic) "I feel happy! Oh so happy! Oh so happy, so happy, and gaaaaaaay!"
(Normal) "...Let us never speak of that again."

Passive - Sword in the Shadows

Paozi loses attack power for every enemy unit or champion that has him within its sightrange.
Paozi loses movement speed for every enemy unit or champion that has him within its sightrange.

Skill 1 (Q) - Great Turtle Hermit Wave

Paozi gathers his energy and sends out a wave of Chi that damages all foes in its path.

Skill 2 (W) - Paralysing Touch

Paozi hits the enemy with a series of precise strikes to its pressure points, disabling its movement for a a few seconds. Requires melee range.

Skill 3 (E) - Disguise

Paozi takes on the appearance of any champion or unit for a the duration. Breaks upon attacking, casting, or being targeted or damaged. Paozi will be considered an ally to whomever he disguised himself as by the units on the field.

Skill 4 (R) - (Ultimate) Mu.

Paozi surrenders himself to the void, seperating his mind from his body. For the duration, his body will be uncontrollable, while his spirit becomes intangible and gains increased movement speed, while still being able to use all of Paozi's attacks and abilities (except for 'disguise'). If the body dies during this spell, the spirit dies with it. When the spell expires, the spirit returns to the body.

[*]Credit to this one goes to Yuando.

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Re: Your Character - As a MOBA champion!

Post by erwtenpeller on Mon Aug 18, 2014 1:28 pm

I don't have time to find fitting icons right now, maybe later.

Delidah, Mischievous Trickster.

Delidah's health is weak and she has no basic attack. Her effectiveness comes from clever use of her mobility and her support capabilities.

Passive - Catch me if you can!
All items that teleport your character enjoy reduced cooldowns.
In addition, taking damage will reduce the duration of active cooldowns.
Your default recall spell can now be targeted on any friendly building.

Skill 1 (Q) - Taunt.
Delidah pokes an enemy target with little bolts of magic until they are so annoyed engared they chase her for a short while.
Needs to be chanelled on one target for 2 seconds to take effect.
Pokes deal minor damage.

Skill 2 (W) - Charm.
Delidah flaunts her assets, causing an (X) amount of nearby enemy soldiers or creeps to switch sides to yours.
Delidah earns gold and experience from kills these charmed creatures make.

Skill 3 (E) - Enchant.
Delidah enchants the items of a target friendly champion, temporarily increasing their effectiveness.

Skill 4 (R) - (Ultimate) Portal.
Now you're thinking with portals!
Delidah creates a destructible portal at a nearby target location. When the cooldown has reset, she can create another one. All friendly champions can travel between the two portals instantaneously.
Casting a new portal when there are already two portals active will destroy the longest active portal.

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Re: Your Character - As a MOBA champion!

Post by Senestra on Mon Aug 18, 2014 1:33 pm

Right... Same as for Paozi for me I feel, I have played DotA 2 a little but not a great extent, as such I am doing my best to express my character through the abilities.


What's your orders?

Emotion is weakness.
Attack by strategem.
Soldiers when in desperate straits lose the sense of fear.
Forestall your opponent by seizeing what he holds dear, and subtly contrive to time his arrival on the ground.

If an enemy leaves a door open, you must rush in.
An interesting choice.
There are roads which must not be followed...
With haste.
Yes Mistress.

Fear my wrath!
For the Braves!
For Draenor!
Strike now!

No no no! THAT is not how it happened... 'Twas an elf.
If you look my way once more... I will crush your skull...
Loveeeeeely just what I needed ANOTHER human.
One more time! One more time... And I'm getting a branding iron...

Senestra, Lone Warrior
A born warrior Senestra draws on her own training and experience of battle as well as experience drawn from her past in order to guard and aid those she calls friends.

Passive - Masochism
As Senestra becomes injured in battle she grows more excited, the less health she has the more damage she will deal.

Skill 1 (Q) - Devastating Blow
Raising her signature morningstar Senestra slams her enemy with such force that their armor bends and breaks, deals damage and gives armor reduction. Requires Melee Range.

Skill 2 (W) - Shield Charge
Senestra charges forward with her shield, giving her foe a might bash with it. Movement to target enemy and stun.

Skill 3 (E) - Defensive Stance
Taking on a defensive stance Senestra gains enhanced protection and endurance for the duration. Increases armor and health.

Skill (R) 4 - Guardian (Ultimate)
Senestra designates a friend to guard, this champion gains increased armor and health as long as Senestra is within sightrange of the champion, in addition Senestra takes 25% of damage dealt to the friendly champion.

Hidden passive - If Delidah, Dranac, Henita or Monrena are targeted with Guardian Senestra takes 33% rather than 25% of damage dealt to them.

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Re: Your Character - As a MOBA champion!

Post by Dranac/Naya on Mon Aug 18, 2014 1:51 pm

This one is for Naya

Naya the Lights Vengance

Passive: sins of the wicked

Naya marks a target with every basic attack to a maximum of 3
for every mark on a target Naya gains increased attack and movement speed

Skill 1 Q - crippling dash

Naya dashes past the target and lands a crippling strike slowing its movement for 3 secconds by 40% and does increased damage

Crippling Dash also aplies a mark

Skill 2 W - Crash of the Light

Naya jumps up into the air and lands on targeted location couseing moderat damage to all targets hit and applieing 1 mark on eatch target

Skill 3 E - Lights swiftness

Naya increases her movement and attack speed for a short while

Skill 4 R  - Retribution

Naya engulfs her self with light couseing her to be imune to Stuns and slows for a short time

Hidden passives :

if Naya attacks another light user she does 1 damage less with every attack and wil say sorry after eatch kill

if she attackes a shadow user she wil scream : Face the might of Naya as she lands her first and last attack

Naya the Lights Vengance is build around beeing mobile and fast using her two swords to couse massive damage in a team fight

as the more targets Naya marks the faster she gets and the more elusive

advice against Naya the Lights Vengance

try to take her out before the fight begins or have her pop her Ultimate early
after her ultimate has been used use croud controle on her and she cant escape

Advice for Naya the Lights Vengance

let others do the initiation of a fight and follow up on that with Crash of the Light to gain plenty of marks
use your ultimate with care as long as you are imune to stuns and slows you have the upperhand but do be carefull with taunts and roots

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Re: Your Character - As a MOBA champion!

Post by Dranac/Naya on Tue Aug 19, 2014 1:39 am

and one for Dranac as wel i gues

Farseer Dranac

Passive :


Dranac can see glimpses of the past and futere increasing his line of sight the longer he stands stil til double its original value

Spell 1 Q

Way of the flame

Dranac shoots out a cone of fire damaging targets cought in it the cone lasts three secconds

Spell 2 w

way of the waves

Dranac sends out a wave of healing water that wil slow his enemys and heal his allies

Spell 3 e

way of the rocks

Dranac turns his own skinn has hard as stone giving his increased armor health and a shield for ten secconds

Spell 4 r

Way of the storm

Dranac gains enhanced movement speed and his basic attackes get a chain effect as lightning passes threw them and onto the next target for three targets the damage scales off the targets armor the more armor the more damage

Hidden passives

Dranacs ultimate does one more damage to targets with no shoes

Dranac's healing wave drenches the hair of targets with long hair
couseing them to leave puddles of water behind them for 0.5 secconds

when running to a Sensetra or a Monrena Dranac has one increase to movement speed

Advice on how to play against Farseer Dranac

Dranac is a mana dependant character wait for the mana to run out or low then try to fight him

keep in mind that his Way of the Rock can save him out of alot of sticky situations and easely lets him turn a fight

dont build to mutch armor against him for he wil use it against you

Advice for Playing Farseer Dranac

Farseer Dranac is strong when he gets close to some one try to use your way of the rock to get close with out taking to mutch damage from your opponent

try not to build to mutch damage for it might sound realy nice but when he gets hit with croud controle there is no way out and you wil easely die

every thing that is , is alive

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Re: Your Character - As a MOBA champion!

Post by Senestra on Tue Aug 19, 2014 1:38 pm

Guess I can make one for Tennassia as well.

Me...? Re-really?

I am ready.
Who needs my aid?
I am ready...

As you wish.
I agree.
Really? Is this wise?

No! Not going to happen.
I do not use violence.
I refuse.

How many times do I have to tell you? I. AM. A. PACIFIST.
No, I do not know why I'm in this game, people like YOU just keep getting pissed at me.
So what if I don't have a basic attack, I'd like to see you do any well in this game!

Tennassia, Benevolent Healer
Is frail and lacks a basic attack, instead her use stems from her prowess at keeping others alive around her.

Passive - Benevolent Healer
Tennassia always wants to help others and also carries her medical bag along with her, as such any friendly champion within sightrange of Tennassia has increased health and mana regen.

Skill 1 (Q) - Barkskin
Tennassia causes skin of an ally to become tough as bark, increasing their armor.

Skill 2 (W) - Healing Aura
Tennassia creates an aura of healing magic around herself, healing all allies within a radius within every two seconds.

Skill 3 (E) - Wall of Roots
Calling upon the land itself to aid her Tennassia creates a wall of roots causing enemy champions who cross this barrier to be immobilized for 3 seconds.

Skill 4 (R) - (Ultimate) Moonleaf's Healing
Tennassia reaches her true potential, the health regen provided by Benevolent Healer is now doubled, Wall of Roots lasts 50% longer and roots foes in place for 5 seconds, Healing Aura extends 50% further and Barkskin lasts 50% longer.

Secret Passive - Alchemist - Tennassia gets an extra 25% bonus from all potions and elixirs

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Re: Your Character - As a MOBA champion!

Post by Jian Shu on Tue Aug 19, 2014 7:53 pm

Jian, Champion of Xuen is designed to fill the role of a duelist/bruiser, wearing down his opponents through durability and sustained damage.

Passive - Balance of power
Jian's basic attacks apply Balance of power, reducing the highest of the opponents attack damage or armor, and increasing the lowest of Jian's attack damage or armor by the same amount. Stacks up to 5 times. Only one opponent can be afflicted by Balance of power at a time.

Skill 1 (Q) - Tiger strike
Jian strikes his target, dealing damage and applying a stack of Balance of power. Deals increased damage and has reduced cooldown for each stack of Balance of power on the target.

Skill 2 (W) - Flurry (Passive)
Basic attacks grant Jian one stack of Flurry. When Jian reaches 5 stacks, his next basic attack will hit twice and grant him increased attack speed for a short duration.

Skill 3 (E) - Flying Serpent Kick
Jian flies through the air towards a target location, dealing damage and slowing all enemies that he flies through. Enemies near Jian's landing spot are stunned for a short duration.

Ultimate (R) - Touch of Death
Jian performs the Touch of Death on his target, dealing damage based on the target's Balance of power, and dispelling all stacks of the debuff. If the target has 5 stacks of Balance of power, Touch of Death will stun them, and reset its cooldown if it deals the killing blow.
Jian Shu

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Re: Your Character - As a MOBA champion!

Post by Varagath on Wed Aug 27, 2014 8:03 pm

This looks fun!
Varagath, The Runeless Pale

Role: Assassin/Bruiser hybrid. Focuses on durability, fast and sustained damage, but lacks mobility and versatility.

The main gameplay theme of Varagath is that you have to carefully choose what ability combinations you make, according to the situation.

Health: Medium to Low Physical Damage: High Magic Damage: N/A Movement Speed: High Armor: Medium

"Mission accepted."


"It shall be done."

"Death to them."
"Seek and Destroy."
"Shock and Awe."

"Subject fifteen appears to display signs of SHEER IDIOCY."

Passive: Adapt and Eliminate
Varagath is able to completely memorize the combat patterns and fighting style of his opponents, predicting their moves. As long as he is locked in combat with the same target, he gains Adapt and Eliminate stacks over time. While Adapt and Eliminate is active, he gains attack speed and a chance to deflect or dodge physical damage, negating it. The more stacks, the higher the attack speed and parry/dodge chance. Stacks have a set cap, slowly dissipate while out of combat, and are reset to zero if he damages a new target. Maximum twenty stacks. Each stack gives 1% dodge/parry chance and 1.5% attack speed.

[Q] Inhuman Will
Varagath briefly becomes immune to crowd control and follows his target, delivering extremely rapid strikes in the process. Applies on-hit effects. Lasts two seconds. Varagath cannot be controlled during Inhuman Will. The more Adapt and Eliminate charges, the faster and more numerous the strikes. Must be in melee range in order to deliver Inhuman Will strikes.

This skill has a medium cooldown and scales with basic attack damage.

[W] Transfix
Varagath thrusts his blade in a short, targeted line, damages and slows the first enemy it hits, and leaves a bleed effect. The more Adapt and Eliminate charges, the greater the slow time and more damaging the bleed.

This skill has a medium to low cooldown and scales with basic attack damage.

[E] Geist Stance
Varagath enters a stance that allows more precise blows. If he casts an ability within a short time, it is augmented, acting as if it had five more stacks regardless of cap, while his dodge/parry and attack speed percentages act as if they too had five more charges for a short time, even if the cap is exceeded. This ability can be activated a second time, if another ability has not been cast, and if the empowerment option buff persists. If it is re-activated, Varagath's attack speed and dodge/parry chance behave like they had ten more stacks for a short time, regardless of cap, but the ability goes on cooldown, and does not allow any other skill to be augmented.

This ability has a medium to high cooldown.

[R] The Cloak
Varagath activates the enchantment on his cloak, giving him sight unmatched and fleet foot. Once toggled, this ability continually drains mana, heavily increases vision range and moderately increases movement speed. Lasts until mana reaches zero or unless it's toggled off.

This ability has a medium to low cooldown. Cooldown begins once it is toggled off.

What do you guys think?

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Re: Your Character - As a MOBA champion!

Post by Hurrrold on Thu Aug 28, 2014 12:19 am

Outdated version of Harold.
Ooh ooh I wanna try...

Harold, The Loot Hoarder
Now selling this character description as advertising space! First month is free!*
(*Second month has to be paid double and is obligatory, prices may vary drastically ranging from 50 to 250 gold monthly)

Health: Medium
Physical Damage: Low to Medium
Magic Damage: N/A
Movement Speed: Low to Medium
Armor: High to Very High

What's in it for me?

Need anything?
Whaddaya want?
I can sense treasure nearby...

If you say so.
This better be good.
I'm on it.

The Scavenger hungers!
Looting time!
I am the plunder thunder! *low* That sounded better in my head...

Whatever you say, honey, whatever you say...
NO. I am not drunk enough to do that. At least, not yet....
Aight, just know you're next...

Passive -  Cash Flow
Gold income is increased by 20%

Hidden Passive - Uses Fury as resource instead of mana which gets built up by every succesful hit.

Skill 1 (Q) - Scavenger's Fury (Cost: 20 fury)

Harold's movement speed and damage are increased for 8/10/12/15 seconds, based on the amount of damage inflicted

Skill 2 (W) - Heart of the Valorous (Cost: 50 fury)

Shield a friendly Champion by redirecting incoming attacks to himself for 4/6/9/12 seconds.

Skill 3 (E) - End of the Rainbow (Cost: 30 fury)

Harold grabs onto a rainbow coloured gem, pulling the target champion to his location and stunning him for 2/3/4.5/6 seconds.

Skill 4 (R) - Plunderer's Call (Ultimate) (Cost: 80 fury)

Calls forth 3 other adventurers to aid Harold in combat, dealing the same amount of base damage for 15 seconds.

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Re: Your Character - As a MOBA champion!

Post by Jian Shu on Thu Aug 28, 2014 7:56 pm

You forgot to mention what fury does exactly. How do you spend it? :p
Jian Shu

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Re: Your Character - As a MOBA champion!

Post by Tygos on Thu Sep 25, 2014 12:58 pm

I'll try do one for the old man Haatim him self and maybe one for Caelyb later.

Haatim, Light's shield

Is it time for me again?

Whats on your heart?
Can I help you?
Where can I be of need?

I agree
Good decision
Wise choice

I will lead the charge!
For peace!
Ready your self!

End it quickly...
Hurry up...

Heals on or by Haatim get copied on to a Ally or him self.

Skill 1 (Q) - Sacred Shield
Haatim uses the light to shield a ally or him self, this can be casted on multiple allys

Skill 2  (W) - Heart of the Crusader
Haatim moves passively faster, once activated he gets a improved speed boost

Skill 3 (E) - Eternal Flame
If used on a friendly target, Haatim places a protective holy flame on a friendly target healing them
If used on a Enemy target, Haatim calls down holy flames to burn his enemys dealing damage over time

Skill 4 (R) - Light of Dawn (Ultimate)
Haatim unleashes a wave of holy energy, healing all friendly targets and buffs there defences for a while and harming all enemys while lowering there defences for a while.

I tried at least :3

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Re: Your Character - As a MOBA champion!

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