Ammunition and Gadgets.

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Ammunition and Gadgets.

Post by terry-howards on Sun Dec 07, 2014 6:50 am

*Slopily written and stained with oil, a not is pinned on the Heroes call board in the Garrison*

"Alright you lot.

I've been out scavenging, I've managed to come across alot of parts for engineering and that lark.

It's enough to make small things, Rifles, Bows, Crossbows, and munitions for these thing, so on so forth.
I'll also be able to fashion mechanical goggles and headgear, among other gadgets.

If you lot want any of this stuff. Write a note and pin it onto this one.

Make sure you stick down your name and what you want and in what quantity.

As it stands i have fifty eight arrows (barbed Heads), Fourty-six Crossbow Bolts (standard) and one hundred and twenty three bullets. (Sixty seven standard rounds, Twenty six explosive rounds, Thirty poison capsual bullets and ten Freezing capped bullets.)

With time i can get more. Just need a list. I'll be making two runs a week for these supplies.

I'll be making two runs a week for other regents, and the other three days will be spent hunting for meat and relaxing.

That's pretty much it i suppose.

Terry J. Howards."

*Signed with a neater style than the rest of the writing*

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